Class 4 Visit Careers Fair

9th December 2016
On Friday 9th December, Class 4 went to a Careers Fair (Broadening Horizons) at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. In class, they had already spent some time thinking about future aspirations and discussing FE/HE options (e.g. university routes and apprenticeships).

"First we toured the campus and saw many different areas including a couple of lecture theatres, the medical centre, the gym, the library and the computer room; a gallery space (Anglia Ruskin has a reputation for children's illustration).

Next we went to the careers fair and met people from different areas of industry including engineering, museum education, computer game design and construction. Ion Science were there! Toby Barker won a prize for getting the most stamps from exhibitors (stamps were awarded by people on the stand if you asked a good question).

Finally, we went to the main lecture theatre to complete some feedback about what we had learnt about career options, and we listened to a short presentation by Heidi Allen MP."