The Curriculum at Fowlmere
Children in Class 1 & 2 follow Letters & Sounds as their phonics programme. This is taught through a daily discrete phonics session delivered to each group independently.   The teachers use activities from Letters & Sounds to structure this teaching and there are opportunities throughout the day to reinforce and extend children's learning. The specific order of teaching phonics is outlined in the Phonics Long term overview below.
Children who are still working within phonics phases 1 to 5 have decodeable reading books that match the phonics phase that they are learning.  Children will be introduced to the book in school and conduct a first read with an adult in school.  They will take the book home to practise it and build up their fluency with the book before doing a second read in school with an adult.  The school uses Oxford Reading Tree decodeable reading books, along with Oxford Reading tree 'Songbirds' to supplement reading.  Children arealso able to read a range of books from the school library, as well as children in Key Stage two reading a range of books that are organised in the book bands as well as Project X books.
The school uses three phase planning to plan for writing.  
The school uses White Rose Maths to support the mathematics curriculum.  Teachers used the mixed age planning resources and adapt it to meet the needs of the children in their classes.
Curriculum Development
We are currently undergoing curriculum change to ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of all of our learners.  Our aim is to have a curriculum that is built around evidenced-led practice.  We aim to have core content in a spaced and interleaved sequence that outlines what pupils should know, be able to do and remember at key points in their Primary education.

 At Fowlmere we use the Unity Schools partnership curriculum (CUSP) to support us in developing our curriculum.  This curriculum is for History, Geography, Science and Art and supports the teachers in the planning, sequencing and progression for these subjects.

Fowlmere is at the beginning of their curriculum journey using CUSP, therefore it is being closely monitored and developed in order to provide our children with an exciting, knowledge rich curriculum.

PE is taught using the Cambridge Local Authority Scheme of work.

PSHE is taught using the Local Authority Scheme of Work.

Music is taught using the Charanga Scheme of Work

Design and Technology is taught using the National Curriclum Programme of Study

RE is taught using the Local Authority Scheme of Work


Please see the long term overviews for 2021-2022 below.