Class 3 at Verulamium

26th February 2019
To start their new project, I am warrior!, Class 3 visited St Albans on Tuesday 26th February. In unprecedented February weather, they walked to the Roman theatre to look at the ruins and imagine what it might have looked like nearly 2000 years ago. They also walked to the hypocaust in Verulamium Park to see the fantastically preserved mosaic floor and under-floor heating system, speculating on the kind of building it may have been part of and what it told them about the owner.

In the afternoon, after a balmy outdoor picnic, they visited the Verulamium Museum and enjoyed a taught session set up as a Roman market, where children had to find specific items amongst the wares.

The children asked interesting questions, learnt a huge amount about Roman times and represented the school well. Thanks to Mr Martin for preparing such a well-organised, informative and enjoyable trip.