Melbourn Village College Art Project With Class 4

23rd March 2014

Class 4 have had the opportunity to take part in an Art Project with Melbourn Village College.  Mr Juett an art teacher from Melbourn Village College has visited Fowlmere School for the last 6 weeks to deliver an art project based around Ancient Greek pottery and the Olympics.  Mr Juett has been teaching many different art skills to develop Class 4's talents through to a KS3 level.  This transition project has been an amazing opportunity for the children to learn how to use water colours, tesselate and trace shapes, mix and experiment with colour, create abstract shapes, sketch and shade, use painting wash techniques, use wax techniques and finally create a wonderful final piece of 'Abstract Greek Art'.  Please look in our gallery at our work in progress and some of the finished pieces.  Class 4 have really enjoyed the project and would like to thank Mr Juett and MVC for giving us the opportunity to take part. 
The work produced by this project will be on display at the Art Exhibition in May.  Mr Juett will also be running a workshop for the children at the Art Exhibition. 

Further details of the Art Exhibition will be sent home in the near future or take a look at the PTFA Art Exhibition tab.