School Vision

At the beginning of the 2017 School Year, we asked pupils, parents, staff and governors what they wanted Fowlmere School to be by the summer of 2022. 
This is what they said.

Our Five-Year Vision Statement

Fowlmere Primary School is an outstanding school. Pupil outcomes at the end of Year 6 are above national averages and this is due to the good progress children make regardless of their starting points in school. There are opportunities to develop and celebrate strengths across the curriculum and outside of it so that all children feel successful, even if they find their learning difficult. Opportunities are available to everyone equitably.

The curriculum itself is imaginative, appropriately challenging, locally-rooted but outward-looking. It is accessible to all and inclusive, and opportunities for high-quality personal experiences are planned-in regularly, such as visits, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and speakers. Arts, sciences and sports all contribute to the opportunities available for children to excel.

Teaching at the school is outstanding. It motivates pupils to succeed and all children look forward to each new lesson. Where children struggle, teachers and support staff provide guidance and intervention quickly and effectively; where children grasp concepts quickly, teacher and support staff subject knowledge allows rapid deepening of understanding. Inclusive provision means that individual needs are met and the expectations for all children are consistently high. Staff turnover is low as a consequence of high-quality professional development and individualised guidance and support.

Children are supported towards good citizenship and high standards of behaviour. They respect each other’s differing views and perspectives, and are confident to tread their own path. They are polite and considerate and show genuine compassion for others, both at school and in the wider world. They have a secure set of personal values which allows them to effectively judge right from wrong. Where children’s behaviour is more challenging, the school supports and guides to ensure improvements are made. Children, families and staff support each other and bullying is never a feature.

The school environment reflects the pride that the school community has in it. It is well cared for, attractive, light and safe, and adapted well to its core purpose. The grounds provide opportunities for outdoor learning and are likewise well-kept and maintained. Appropriate resources are readily available, including the use of the latest technologies. After-School Club is thriving, providing after-school, holiday and breakfast provision, and has its own premises on site (which are shared by local pre-school provision).

Communication between the school and families is effective and timely so that learning can flow seamlessly between home and school and parents have a good understanding of what and how their children are doing at school. There is a genuine understanding between the school and families so that both parties consistently work in partnership in the best interests of children. Children are well prepared for the next stage in their learning journey.