Values Week - Day 1

29th January 2018
Monday 29th January was the first day of our Values Week. With the help of a trainer from St John's Ambulance, we spent the day learning some very important First Aid techniques - showing care, determination and teamwork in our learning. 
  • Children in Class 1 learnt the story of Bertie Badger and how to make a 999 call should they ever need to.
  • Children in Class 2 learnt about treating bleeding and helped their teddy by dressing a bleeding wound correctly.
  • Children in Class 3 learnt to put an unconscious casualty into the recovery position, and why this is the best position for them to be in.
  • Children in Class 4 learnt to check a casualty's ABC and carry out CPR until help arrives. 
We also had two fascinating talks from parents about their work. Class 2 and 3 learnt about doggy DNA and how working as a scientist in research can help people's pets recover from illness and disease. Class 3 and 4 learnt about a career in law, how challenging it is to train as a solicitor and how the law can be used to help people in difficult circumstances.