Young Voices Birmingham

14th January 2016
On Thursday 14th January most of the children in Key Stage 2 went to the Genting Arena in Birmingham for one of the Young Voices concerts. This was a ‘first’ for Fowlmere school, although Mr Atkin had attended over a number of years with his previous school.
Mrs Mepham said: "Mr Martin and I were pleased to also accompany the group, and we cannot speak more highly of the day/evening, and the wonderful opportunity the children had to sing in a choir of over 6,000 children, and alongside professional artists such as Laura Wright, who sang the ‘World in Union’ song at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup last year. The atmosphere was magical and the children were excited when some of their parents came to the evening concert. We arrived back to school at 23.30, tired but very happy."

What the children thought...
"It was a really amazing atmosphere."
"It felt like a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience."
"It was very exciting, and very tiring."
"It was loud, fantastic and nerve wracking."
"One of the best things I’ve ever done."
"So magical to see the famous singers; like Laura Wright."
"Full of magical moments."
"I liked the bit where the Beatbox Collective played ping pong."
"The Rugby World Cup song was really amazing."
 "It was really exciting and fun to sing in a big choir."
 "The best concert I’ve ever been to."
"Young Voices – WOW – it was really atmospheric."
"Young Voices was amazing. A great experience to sing with other people."