Imperial War Museum Visit Class 4

24th May 2013

On Wednesday 22nd May, Class 4 visited Duxford Imperial War Museum to learn about the pilots in WWII and the role of the RAF. The children studied the planes and the equipment they had to help in battle. They looked at the aircrafts role in the war and how the design was specific to the job it needed to carry out. They then learnt about the role of the pilots and the crew on the ground. They listened to experiences of pilots, looked at photographs and thought carefully about how they played a part in World War II and how this must have felt.

In the afternoon the children visited the Communications Room and had to identify the different roles and responsibilities of people that worked here and their importance to the pilots. They also got to visit the Battle of Britain hanger where they looked at the role of Air Raid Wardens and the need for shelters. The children had a wonderful day and it enhanced and aided the learning the children have been doing in class. The children asked lots of interesting questions and did lots of thinking about the feelings people went through during this time. They also had a special treat during the day as they got to meet lots of RAF soldiers, who talked to them about their uniforms and role in wars happening today.

Finally, back in the classroom this week the children will be designing and making miniature WWII aircraft for different purposes and continuing their learning about WWII.