School Garden Produce

9th July 2014

Chldren from across the school enjoyed harvesting vegetables and flowers from their House gardens.  The crops have been growing over the last few months and have produced an abundance of fresh vegetables and flowers.  Class 1 had the opportunity to taste the delicious peas.  Class 2 picked the flowers and dug up the new potatoes.  Class 3 studied how the plants had grown and had an outdoor science lesson.   Class 4 picked the last of the flowers and beetroot and placed all of the waste into the compost bins.  Class 4 took the produce, bagged it, made bouquets and priced it.  Each house sold the produce to parents and visitors at the end of the school day. The sale was very successful and all of the houses made a profit.  Money raised will go into their house funds.   Take a look at the gallery for photographs.