Term Time Holidays

19th October 2017

As you probably already know, the law about term-time absences changed in July 2013 removing headteachers’ previous rights to grant permission for family holidays in term-time. This means that term time holidays are now automatically an unauthorised absence from school. You will probably also know that a legal case brought in the Isle of Wight earlier this year means that the Local Authority can no longer take prior attendance into account when deciding whether or not to issue a penalty notice.

In Cambridgeshire, this means that any unauthorised absence from school for three consecutive days or more will be followed up by a penalty notice from the Local Authority. This currently stands at £60 per pupil per parent (as each parent with parental responsibility carries equal responsibility for school attendance) if paid within 21 days of the notice.

There remains scope in the legislation for headteachers to grant leave in exceptional circumstances, for example if a family needs to attend a funeral or deal with a family emergency, but there is no ability to grant leave for holidays during term time.