Here at Fowlmere we use the Unity Schools Partnership Curriculum (CUSP) to support our Geography teaching and learning.
Children are taught Geography in blocks every three weeks.  They will have three lessons within the week where Geography is taught.
Class 1 and 2
Autumn Term                                      Spring Term                               Summer Term
Field work and map skills                   Local Area Study                            Introduce Yanonami - a study of a small 
Re-visit Continents and Oceans.        Compare a small part of                area of Non-European Location
                                                            the UK to a non-European
Class 3
Autumn Term                                       Spring Term                               Summer Term
Rivers                                                    Water Cycle                                 Rivers revisited
Lattitude and Longitude                                                                             Fieldwork and mapping
Class 4
Autumn Term                                       Spring Term                               Summer Term
Comparison study                                Physical Processes                       Settlements
UK and other                                        Earthquakes, mountains               Orienteering and map skills
                                                             and volcanoes
Please see our Geography subject statement below.