Religious Education

Religious Education.
Here at Fowlmere we believe that a high-quality religious education will help pupil's gain a coherent knowledge and understanding, where they can articulate clearly and confidently their personal beliefs, values, ideas and experiences.
RE is taught using the Cambridgeshire scheme of work to support the teachers in planning and teaching.  Religious Education is a key player in engendering knowledge and understanding however, does not teach children to passively accept, but rather encourages evaluation and critical thinking, equipping them to consider beliefs and positions they encounter.  We aim to  build each child’s ‘religious literacy’, helping them to understand the nature and diversity of religion and belief in the world in which they live and the relationships between different groups of society.
Class 1 and 2
Autumn Term                    Spring Term                             Summer Term
Babies                              Stories and symbols                  Why do Christians say the Holy Spirit is so important?
Light and Dark                  Faith in Christian Families       Places in Christianity.
Class 3
Autumn Term                    Spring Term                         Summer Term
Church People                    Sikhism                               Judaism
Christianity                                                                       Why Pray?
Class 4
Autumn Term                    Spring Term                                        Summer Term
Who do people say I am?   Christianity and Judaism.                    What key beliefs influences people's faiths?
God and Creation                What influences the Jewish people.    Moral dilemmas