Music at Fowlmere is taught using the Charanga scheme of work which supports teachers in the teaching and development of music.
Children work on different units and have the opportunity to use percussion instruments alongside the songs that they are learning.
They listen and appraise a range of music throughout each year and develop their musical skills.  Each Unit lasts half a term
Charanga Units for each Class
Class 1 and 2.
Autumn:  'Hands, Feet, Heart'  'Ho, Ho, Ho'
Spring: 'In The Groove'  'Zoo Time'
Summer:  'Friendship Song', 'Reflect, Rewind, Replay'
Class 3.
Autumn 'Let Your Spirit Fly', Glockenspiel', '
Spring:  'Stop!', 'Lean on Me'
Summer:  'Blackbird', 'Reflect, Rewind, Replay'
Autumn:  'Happy',  Christmas Songs and music
Spring:  'A New Year Carol', 'Classroom Jazz'
Summer:  'You've got a friend', 'Music and Me'
Please see the Music subject Statement below.