Data Protection

Fowlmere Primary School, as a school, holds and processes personal information on each pupil, and limited information on parents, in order to provide education and a safe environment for each child.  The legal basis for processing personal data under the General Data Protection Regulations May 2018 is to complete a Public Task (that of provision of an education) and discharge its Legal Obligation (that of protecting pupils). 

The school complies with the General Data Protection Regulations May 2018 and this is demonstrated by our Data Protection Policy and linked policies such as our Data Retention Policy and ICT Acceptable Use Policy. These are all available from our policies page. We commit to train our staff and volunteers to understand the importance of handling data securely. We understand that privacy is important to you and your child.

Please see below our school’s Privacy Notices.


The school asks all parents, carers and visitors to our school to ask permission before taking photos and video and to agree such files are used for personal use only and are not shared with social media sites or other agencies. 


Parents and pupils have the right to access the information we hold about them; this is known as a Subject Access Request and should be made in writing. The school must supply the information requested within one school month or provide a reason for an extension of up to two months.


Where you are unhappy with how your data has been handled by the school you can make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer, Nicola Cook, at  or if this does not provide satisfaction direct to the Information Commissioner.

Other rights

Separate from the GDPR, the Department for Education regulations provide a pupil’s parents (regardless of the age of the pupil) with the right to view, or to have a copy of, their child’s educational record at the school.  If you wish to exercise this right you should write to the school.

The Freedom of Information Act requires publicly funded bodies, including schools, to be clear about the information they publish. We have produced a publication scheme setting out all the information we publish on a regular basis and where to find it.  Please ask at the school office to see a copy of the scheme.

Data Protection Policy

Data Retention Policy